The Gartlet was the birth place of Mary Erskine, 1629 - 1707, a pioneer of education for girls.

A successful private banker in Edinburgh, she contributed to the setting up of the Merchant Maiden Hospital in 1644 to which she also bequeathed 10,000 SCOTS Merks.

The hospital became a day school for girls in 1869 and later became the Mary Erskine School in 1944. 


The house was demolished c1965. Both pictures were taken during a site survey in 2006 before total demolition occurred to make way for the Clackmannanshire Bridge link road.








Kennetpans is just visible in the background. 

Experts Comments

“Kennetpans is an important site in the Historic development of the whisky industry, and for something to survive since 18th century and being an early forerunner in the industrial revolution of Scotland, I agree it should be saved.”

Alan Winchester
Whisky Historian
Master Distiller The Glenlivet Distilleries