Below are a selection of videos taken by Jason aka Raith Rovers. Click on the links to view:


Kennetpans inside the distillery

Kennetpans steam engine room

Kennetpans distillery warehouse explored

Maltbarns/warehouses 1 and 2

Maltbarn/warehouse 3

Maltbarn/warehouse 4

Kennetpans warehouse area

Kennetpans distillery outside

Kennetpans port on the distillery side

Kennetpans port opposite side to the distillery

Kennetpans distillery waterfront area


Jason has been a great help to Kennetpans Trust and we cannot thank him enough for the introductions he has made and for allowing us to add his images to our site.
Cheers Jason.

You can see more of Jason's work on Youtube

Experts Comments

"Kennetpans, the birthplace of the Scottish Whisky Industry, the very Genesis of all things #Scotch, lies unloved and in ruins. We created modern Distilling, gave it to the World and this is how much Scotland cares about this unique and frankly incredible historical legacy. We don't. Not one bit. Its a disgrace."

Victor Brierly
Co-founder of the Whisky Ambassador Ltd