Kennetpans 29th February 1788

Messrs Boulton & Watt


Hope Mr Watt got safe home & is much the better of his journey. I have since that time been in London attending a very disagreeable & vexatious time of being in the house of Commons where I had the mortification of See a Bill passed re question of the Distillery business of t his Country, and I am much a fraid will prove ruinous to many individuals. I am sorry to add that being shut out of the London market the many engagements that I have come under to support some of my friends, in the faith of an equitable law, and the failure of this house immediately cancelled with me, I am under the necessity of laying a State of my affairs before my Creditors that a proper plan may be adapted for the benefit of all, & no undue expense taken by any.

In the meantime be pleased to furnish me with a State of my account with you and authorise your man of business in Edin to appear at the meeting & act for you. We assured that every assistance in my power shall be given to bring this closing  to a speedy & comfortable issue. In the meantime the works go on. Let the castings ordered be forwarded (for the Acts market, altho the present law thats up for Eng'd) the engine will be kept going. You may depend on pointed payment of theirs.               I am with regards,


Your most obedt Servt

John Stein.

Let me have the State of your acct in due course or as soon as is posibly convenient.


Experts Comments

“Kennetpans is an important site in the Historic development of the whisky industry, and for something to survive since 18th century and being an early forerunner in the industrial revolution of Scotland, I agree it should be saved.”

Alan Winchester
Whisky Historian
Master Distiller The Glenlivet Distilleries