John Stein's Letters

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1 29th February 1788
2 29th February 1788 Original
3 9th January 1788 Original
4 28th June 1787 Original
5 24th April 1787 Original
6 3rd April 1787 Original
7 20th March 1787 Original
8 8th December 1786 Original
9 13th November 1786 Original
10 9th November 1786 Original

Kennetpans Needs You

Kennetpans Needs You...Find out more

Find out more..

Experts Comments

"It is difficult to over-estimate the importance of Kennetpans Distillery, founded in the 1720s byJohn Stein  - 'the Father of Commercial Whisky Distilling'. The site is of great importance to the industrial archeological heritage of Scotland. It would be nothing short of a tragedy if the site was left to vanish.”

Charles MacLean, W.S., M.A., LL.B., F.S.A.(Scot)
Master of the Quaich
Whisky Writer