John Stein's Letters

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1 29th February 1788
2 29th February 1788 Original
3 9th January 1788 Original
4 28th June 1787 Original
5 24th April 1787 Original
6 3rd April 1787 Original
7 20th March 1787 Original
8 8th December 1786 Original
9 13th November 1786 Original
10 9th November 1786 Original

Kennetpans Needs You

Kennetpans Needs You...Find out more

Find out more..

Experts Comments

“Kennetpans is an important site in the Historic development of the whisky industry, and for something to survive since 18th century and being an early forerunner in the industrial revolution of Scotland, I agree it should be saved.”

Alan Winchester
Whisky Historian
Master Distiller The Glenlivet Distilleries